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March 9, 2014

As I sit her just this moment, I recall the day I walked towards the remaining wall of what once was the Holy City’s Temple.  As I walked backwards in respect leaving the Western Wall (known also as Wailing Wall or Kotel), I took out my journal and began to write the victory of a confession that had just been placed in a crevice of the wall.  I was speaking with Jesus, and was asked to stop.  It was against Jewish law to work in the presence of something so Holy, and to them, writing was work.

Here I am on my Sabbath, and again I find myself working.  However, I do not hesitate, as what I write is inspired by my devotion to the LORD, and is therefore a sign of worship in and of itself.

However, my readings of Scripture this morning were of different topics, so this comes from a conversation with the Holy Spirit.

Just yesterday, I listened to “Scare Crow in a Melon Patch” a 3-part sermon series by Pastor Josh Nelson.  In it, he speaks on how the idols of his past kept him from initially believing the Divine call on his life.  Josh attended Hillsong International Leadership College, and during one worship service, he asked the Lord for direction.  In response, Josh saw clearly the hand of God anointing him as he heard one word, “pastor.”  He was 21.  It wasn’t until Josh was 30 that he felt the LORD insist it was time to begin the church.  Again, Josh battled saying, “I am not educated enough,” or “I am not old enough.”

Today, The Station Church is 2 years old and thriving to serve God and anticipate the movement of the Holy Spirit in every relational interaction and serving opportunity.

Josh thought his past prevented him from being “good enough” to pastor God’s church.

A different perspective of Divine destiny is my own.  At 20 years old I had received the Call of God in a dream.  After the most trying years of my physical, Spiritual, relational, and emotional life,  I had finally rested a full night’s sleep and awoke at peace.  This dream ended an excruciating series of disgusting, distorted, traumatizing nightmares where the enemy had held me captive in the night.  I fully believe our night’s rest prepares us for the works of our day, so in this season of nightmares, I found myself believing my worth was relative to that of which the enemy claimed.

However, the dream unleashed an ambitious student of an everlasting God.  It is my childhood, my independence as a teenager, my foolishness, my temptation, and my distortion of my worth as a female that make me the person God chose to pursue a retreat for broken families, where parents will be equipped to better support their children struggling through mental, emotional, or psychological pain.

Similarly, last night I spoke with a 16-year-old girl who had been fighting the urge to self harm for hours.  Her anxiety kept her from talking with anyone she knew, so she called a stranger.  After discussing several options for 20 minutes, I was left clueless as to how to help.  However, just at that moment, I suggested a phone number that changed her mentality completely.  It was a teen line, trained teenagers who will not judge or condemn a caller, but rather, support and empathize.  At that very moment, this young girl spoke clearly, “Can I do that?” She began to speak energetically, “I want to be a psychiatrist for teenagers.”  At 16, this girl already recognizes that her experience suffering with mental illness is what qualifies her to help others more accurately.

Because of what and who we were, we are able to better empathize with individuals struggling in the same matters.  It is then, the transformation through surrender and obedience to God that enables us to have an eternal impact on such individuals.

Whether you struggle to think you are not good enough to accomplish the calling God has set forth, or you recognize it is your past that makes you the right person, know that it has been placed on you, and no one else is responsible.

In Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream, David Platt speaks of the 6 billion people who have yet to hear the Good News.  He repeats through the text, the only way this is possible is that we are not praying.  He also suggests, too many people are not listening and obeying the calls to share God’s Truth.

As Josh, the 16-year-old girl, you, and I continue in life, may we be praying people who trust the voice of God and look for guidance in His Word.  May we be bold in our radical pursuit of becoming more in-lined with God’s path: living and loving others as Jesus has lived and loved us.


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