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January 7, 2014

Yesterday I had the privilege of joining 9 members of my church for a half-day missions trip to Tijuana.  We sponsor a women’s shelter for victims of human trafficking.

That is how God was most pleased to spend our day of celebration, and I was delighted! For 2+ hours, after pampering the girls, we communicated with God.  Although we did not understand each others’ languages completely, God’s great language flooded the house.  The language of His redeeming Love.

Along on the trip was the pastor of my church.  At one point during the car ride, Josh told a story.

One Sunday one of the members brought his mom to church.  After the service she came up to me and said, ‘You are young.’  I thanked her, thinking it was a compliment.  Her body language spoke differently.  She rephrased, ‘You are the youngest pastor I’ve ever met.’

Josh continued by explaining that this women was desiring a pastor with aged wisdom.  She was dismayed by the position a 31 year old male could take in the church.  Josh remarked, “I am the age Jesus was in His ministry.”

I understand both side.   An amazing professor, author, and international speaker, Dr. Sid Buzzell, once told me in a private mentoring setting, “At my age, I gain new  knowledge not by those beyond my years, but those living” a fresher, fuller life.  Sid had an amazing handful of mentors through his years, but now in his seventies, Sid is learning from the forty-something year old professors who gather to discuss theology and philosophy at every lunch.

Jesus was a scholar.  The best scholar, I would argue.  At the age of 12 he ran away to observe, absorb, and teach in a synagogue.  Jesus was also a laborer in his youth.  A carpenter to be more exact.  God chose to come into the flesh and live the life a man would lead.  Jesus then grew to be the leader of the Church on earth.  God is the Leader of His great Church.

Pastoring.  A spiritual gift, a skill, a character, a lifestyle God has called some of his servants into.  Intellect does not make the pastor.  Life experience does not make the pastor.  Rather, God elects and grows a population of individuals He has ordained to head His churches.

A church is simply a building.  But leading a church, is leading a branch of God’s great Kingdom.  It is a small gathering of God’s family here on earth.

“For the husband is the head of the wife even as Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Savior” (Ephesians 5:23). 

No wife can expect her husband to be perfect.  Although submissive, we women remain founded also in Christ Jesus.  In the same way, no pastor is perfect.  For a pastor is a man leading his own household serving the Lord in good fashion(Joshua 24:15), that God instills in him the ability to also lead the church, submissive to Jesus who is above Him.

In church, we see a portrait of God when we view our pastor.  For no one man can lead greater than God, Himself.  Therefore, it is my full belief, that when we exercise the gifts God has ordained in each of us, we are being one with God.

Therefore, in our day-to-day lives, let us tap into those gifts in a daily commitment to His ministry.


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October 14, 2012

A leader must first be the best follower they know how to be.  As global leaders, I believe, the key is acknowledging one’s own purpose for ministry, remaining open to cultural differences, and retaining the ability to adapt and reflect who Christ is within that particular worldview.

It is glorious, that God gave us Jesus as the model of global leadership.  Not only did Jesus travel the lands to share the Good News, but He spoke in parables so that the people who had ears to hear of God’s love were able (Matthew 13:9).

In order to embrace the lands in claiming that Christ is the Way, it is of upmost importance to first recognize the transformation within the leader, him or herself.

Transformational Christian leadership is the topic of study within the Leadership minor at Colorado Christian University.  However, outside of the classroom, I have heard very little mentioned on the topic.  With that said, how is the church producing strong leaders in this generation and the next, when we don’t even speak of the basic principles outside of a Christian, academic leadership program?

While Jesus talked to them, a leader of the people came and got down before Him, and worshiped Him. He said, “My daughter has just died. But come, lay Your hand on her and she will live” (Matthew 9:18).  Some translations classify this father as a Synagogue leader, and others, as a ruler.  Nonetheless, this official, a man with power bowed himself before the Lord, recognizing that only the man who is the living Scripture could influence greater than than he, who memorized and spoke of Jewish law (Torah).

For a generation aimed at changing the world, the majority of us have been spoiled by technology’s rule over our own lives.  With clocks, we no longer must observe the sun’s rotation in managing our time.  With iPhones, we can rely on Seri to make the simple decisions for us–mapping our route, scheduling the calendar, the structure of a text message, and the list goes on.

Has our generation submitted to the wrong power?  Have we given up the good fight in moving towards Jesus in leadership development?

In the Christian community, it is my belief, that this generation is extinguished for the good works of “Martha’s” (Luke 10:38-42).  However, God tells us that it is through a good foundation that good fruit falls.

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