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23 September 2011

Is a first impression everything?  If you get an irregular feeling about someone or something, are you likely to give it a second chance?  Most likely, not.  Now, what if you were given the kindest most inspiring first impression by someone, would you not want to get to know them more?

Actions speak louder than words.  A picture is worth 1000 words. We hear all these sayings all the time, yet so often we forget the impressions we leave through all we do. Yes, we are human and tend to care about how we look and whatnot, but this is not the impression I am speaking of.

Two of the three girls I live with in Florence were my hotel roomies in Rome.  For some reason, sleeping in three beds beside each other in a dark room led to serious conversations at bedtime.

I let out a good portion of my testimony within two nights knowing these girls.  This had never happened before. Never as genuinely as I had shared this particular night.  Neither of them had currently been living their lives for the Lord, and perhaps this is where the pursuit came from, but still..

Because of that night, one of the girls expected me to be a positive influence on her this semester.  She mentioned me opening her eyes away from ignorance or towards a purpose.

Since then, they have seen me in a hurry, in laziness, in study, in cooking, in the daily routine of a college student in Florence.

About 3 weeks after that conversation, the other roommate–once a member of a Cathedral–stressed her shock in media I listen to and watch.  Compared to the greater population of 20-year old students, I confess, I am sheltered, naive, and definitely girly.  However, this is not what she meant, she expected me to be more sensored. Was this reasonable? Is it possible for me to be more careful with Hollywood’s influence in my life?

“Lay down my pride, my desires..I am through..” –Jeremy Camp

Prayer: Father, may I live a life that is true of what you desire.  May I only be influence by your grace, and know how to turn my face away from what is not of you.

So, you may be wondering what it is that is not seen as “being Christian of me,” and well, these are the shows I am trying to rid off my weekly agenda: The Lying Game, Pretty Little Liars, Burn Notice, and Drop Dead Diva.

I am not someone who has to rely on watching television programs, but every now and then, I like the option of having background noise while eating, cooking, etc., and for it to not always be music.  Having this being said, I remembered my mother and I’s favorite bonding experience nearly a decade and a half ago–7th Heaven.

7th Heaven is the most moderate example of a Christian American family.  Although the family is a larger ministers family, the trials, temptations, struggles, losses, and scenarios are very much real matters.

Season 1 Episode 1 ends by having a grandmother confess of her diagnoses to her daughter and son-in-law, then in episode 2, she passes away after leaving her last words of encouragement.  By episode 5, the writers include morals of prejudicial crimes, loss, acceptance, body image issues, mental illness, polygamy, marriage disturbances, sibling rivalry, pranks, service, teen pregnancy, suspension, and many other substantial topics.

What happened to broadcasting shows and movies with real life lessons?

I came to Italy, and am continuing onto Cyprus, because I respect the values they continue to model that Americans have easily forgotten all about. Families feast, celebrate, and share with one another.  A son returns to his mother with great news, and a father cares for his girls.  Produce is bought from the farmers and life is lived to the fullest, nothing seems to be taken for granted.

I came to Florence, because I did not find these characteristics in any city I have come to know in the states. Until last night. I met an inspiring North Dakota farmer’s boy who is here studying in Florence with similar passions, but he grew up without a TV until his 20’s.  Now he jokes that his parents only turn the television on for about an hour a day, merely for the news.  Even then so, he sees no point in the technological purchase.

Can you imagine what life would be like in the household if only the kids weren’t distracted from cartoons, the men from their sports, and the wives–their dramas?

“I can only imagine.” –Mercy Me

He is still away from home exploring life with the same desire to open his perspective to all world views, yet, he has never been pressured by stereotypes, fashion interests, or anything caused by the persuasion of the “image.”

I believe that a simple life away from dependency on mechanisms is possible. We can literally go back home to the farm as this example depicts, or we can continue on our days, perhaps walking one place to another, taking time socializing with those around us, and not rushing home for the 8-o’clock season premier.

We are not identified by anyone or anything other than the Spirit within.

“Don’t you think that your life’s worth saving? Don’t you know that love is amazing?…  If I thought love was just a word, I might feel the same way too. But it is so much more than that. And it is waiting for you too…  There is a way, truth and the light, and the way..” –New World Son’s There is a Way


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If you are reading this, I am sure you know that I am no longer on Facebook.  I once decided Facebook was genuine to the culture of individuality and contact, in comparison to Myspace, however that has changed in the last year.  I do not believe that someone’s identity is within their relationship status or how many individuals “like” their corny comment of the day, but more so the experience they gain out of life. Therefore, I hope that this site is purely a place where you can come to gain an understanding of what imprint the Lord has most recently left on my heart.  Honestly, I am starting this because I have been requested by many friends to reopen my Facebook account.  I refused, and in turn will upload my travel photos on this blog site, so you are still able to feel involved in my next great adventure!

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