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Luis Arenal Bastar                                    Woman Carrying a Coffin (Mujer cargando un ataud), 1936

Monday, July 9, 2012

After a 3-hour drive to downtown LA, I scurried around the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, searching for my Modern Art class.  We were assigned a chapter within the text-book–a year of art history (1921)–and were to present on the pieces in the museum that represented such artists’ work.

I was late. My mind: lost. My presentation time: immediately.

However, by the grace of God, I made it through. And afterwards, I enjoyed strolling through the hallways, exhibits, and a Latin festival all on the museum grounds.

I had the unique opportunity of being escorted by a museum facilitator all the way to the museum gift shop and around the entire Religious/Medieval art sector.  The conversation was brilliant, challenging, and hopeful.  He suggested I see a few pieces, and educated me on the history of the museum as well as my deep interest in impressionism–which I already knew of, but he identified such qualities in my favorite pieces of the 1400-1600’s as well.

We parted at the store, but I continued with my day by visiting his recommended galleries, as well as the store clerks. See, what happened was the cashier was able to categorize my palate for art by the two postcards I purchased.

“The America’s” Level 4: the permanent display of Luis Arenal Bastar’s Woman Carrying a Coffin.  This 1936 piece from Mexico was created during the New York experiments.  Meaning, Bastar was challenged as an artist to depict controlled accidents on his canvas.

The museum narrated the piece by mentioning, “Woman Carrying a Coffin shows an indigenous woman seemingly walking into infinity with a coffin on her head; the right side depicts an eerie sky created with a dripping technique…” but what was most important to me was the stark contrast of colors and use of space.

To me, Woman Carrying a Coffin symbolizes the weight of sin or the fear of death that we all carry on our shoulders.  No one dares touch such a topic in conversation so it is by this fear that we stand alone in darkness, lingering towards the unknown.  But through the love of a Father and the sacrifice of a Son, there is light in each of us.  A life that is worth living for.  The path is not to be feared, for a bright light that shines through all darkness is within you and me, as well as, in the distance, directing the way, always.

In the same way, as I drove home in the early morning (1am), I could not see the road ahead of me, but was comfortable with the stars shinning brightly above.  Then, with a gloomy haze, still the moon shone through.

God lights the world, it is because of Him that we are able to turn corners without hesitation.

No matter our past mistakes, no matter the hurt we feel, no matter the loneliness we fear…we have an objective to life.

Stop the “what if” ‘s and get walking.  Even a stumble won’t knock you down.

Bastar may not have seen his own being in the light of Life, but he created a subject bright as can be.  We are his subject.  We are the means of a greater masterpiece: the masterpiece of an eternity!

Let us determine the difference.  Infinite: limitless or endless in space; whereas, God promises us, eternity in Him.  Eternity is defined by dictionary.com as, a state of which time has no application.

Does mankind walk while measuring the distance, or is it time that we count most valuable?

With the answer, you will find your own perspective of Bastar’s illustration.


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28 September 2011

About once a month, Florence opens the primary state museums, at night, to the public, for free.  Last night, I experienced Michelangelo’s David for the first time.

What is so magical about this one piece, that the hundreds of visitors pay no attention to the other pieces on display?

Yes, David was the first piece of Renaissance art to depict the true human, athletic figure. But are you able to feel that, to truly envision David as a trend-setter when admiring the skill of the artist?

Is art about your perspective of a piece? Or is it about the soul of an artist?

If either of these questions make you ponder up the correct answer, than why is it museums and galleries do not describe any of these thought-provoking concepts?

A gallery simply labels the date and artist of a piece, and from that you are to acknowledge a masterpiece before you.

An artist is an originator, I believe that in order to have created something so true to who you are on the inside, outward, for all others to see, you are unique and must have self-acceptance grueling within.

Displaying a piece isn’t about their acceptance, but about putting a piece of yourself out into the world around you.

Therefore, as spectators, we must know the person behind the image. We must not be ignorant when visiting a painting, sculpture, or performance of any kind.

Art is meant to provoke a spectator, and you must be prepared to feel uncomfortable at times, for through the discomfort, a person is changed.

Allow a painting to be the seed that sparks a new way of thought in this next season, and you too may become an artist envisioning rights for others in one way or another.

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First lets ask, what is beauty?

My philosophy class discussed beauty as many different things such as:

Beauty is a gift, a state that comes from within; anything can be beautiful in different perspectives; beauty is a collection of all good things (characteristics, personality, inside to out); beauty is in the eye of the beholder–changed through the perspective of experience; beauty has a positive effect on people and things; it is present at various levels; beauty is natural, unique, diverse, and the ability to express yourself;beauty is in human traits–ability to see good, a generous heart; beauty is an obsession, it is a personal obsession; beauty is something we are all drawn to–purity, untouched; an image that inspires a person to be happy; true beauty is neither superficial nor underlying, but a combination of both, for it is everywhere and can be achieved by everyone.

Before hearing these answers I defined my beauty and will stand by my personal opinion of beauty as perceived confidence of the organic composition of something or someone.  In terms of people, beauty is the ability to present yourself to the public, as the person you truly are, within.

You can define it yourself, but once you know what you are attracted to, can you portray it to film?

Is beauty possible to capture to film? I think not, at least not to its’ purest form.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of youngsters photograph every moment of life to prove to the world how great they truly are. However, I believe the true purpose of photography is indeed: photography as an art.  After a moment is captured, a photographer works to form their image to the meaning of a scene.  This is done through the fading, contrast, and cropping of a photo.  Then, after years, photos are added, revisited, and deleted, reminding the photographer of what once was most meaningful in their life, and further, moving their expression to another level of foresight and ambition.  For me, I capture sunsets.  Sunsets remind beach goers that the night is young, for tomorrow is a new day and we must rest in preparation.  Since witnessing a sunset, I am able to engage in a path of remembrance and success based off of where I was, am, and hope to be.

” A picture is worth a thousand words”

Don’t doubt it, just express yourself and know yourself. Through self-knowledge you will not fail!

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