About: Melanie Goetz (formerly Demlinger)

I am a seeker of new experiences, whether with nature, knowledge, and/or people. My interests rest in creation. I enjoy cooking, hiking, sculpting, camping, sketching, painting, taking photos, and resting on a mountain peak or a sandy beach. Professionally, my experiences focus on working with individuals of broken families, struggling through suicidal ideation, human trafficking, and other avenues of hopelessness. I'm initially from San Diego, but have studied and lived in Colorado, Italy, and Cyprus; and now I am pursuing a MA in Christian Apologetics and an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy in New Orleans. I was married in the summer of 2016 to a shepherd of youth, Stephen. I hope that this blog allows you to feel involved in my current adventure and that you too are inspired to gain an understanding for the work at hand.

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