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Monday, July 1, 2013

To begin, if you would like please view this 53 minute sermon by Chris Brown at North Coast Church in Vista, CA (http://www.northcoastchurch.com/sermons/sermons/the_genesis_project/right_dreamswrong_kingdom/).

In reflection, I would like to note that although I have spent the last several years grabbing at opportunities to educate myself in order to better serve God’s mission for Our ministry, I find it true that I live some days far from His service.

Today I was invited by a ministry I am involved in (Coast Kids) to attend a free event for food, fellowship, worship, and training.  Although I RSVP’ed, parked, used the restroom, and perused the event location, I found myself walking back towards my car before the crowd arrived.  Immediately I recognized my destination: Moonlight Beach for a Whole Foods salad picnic at sunset.

Here is the thing as plain as I can state: Yesterday I praised God for choosing me to be an individual motivated by a specific call. AND THEN today, I let hours pass by in belief that I was incapable of such service.

The beach changed that in me. As always God shows Himself as PERFECTION in a beach sunset.  Tonight, as I watched beautiful mothers enjoying the messy playful spirit of their toddlers, surfers piling in on waves, motor cars racing in the sand, and army helicopters clearing the sky of birds for moments at a time, I found myself staring at the slow descent of a pink colored sun (in appearance to the naked eye only, of course).


After repeating “You are” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUkCrSTYGA8), I returned to my car, blasted the stereo and shouted praises to Abba my God. “You are the One…You are the light that always shines, you are the one.” It may have been during the fourth repetition that I noticed the reflection of the headlights behind me drew similar to the reflection of the sun on the ocean waves.

Now, I know the trajectory of each scenario is not alike, but in symbolism I found myself overjoyed. While the sun lowers to what appears as the earth’s surface it will never come towards the end point of its’ reflection on any given beach.  However, the car does indeed follow the light which it casts out in a forward reach.

Chris Brown mentioned “It is easier for God to move a moving car than a parked car.”  For those of us who have been given a glimpse of a life of service for the Lord it should be easy, right? It doesn’t always seem like the easy choice to choose God or others before ourselves, but that is the call of Christianity.  As Christians we are Christ followers or in the likeness of Christ, who is God in the flesh.

Indeed God is our headlights.  Although we come across darkness in our lives, God will pave us a way for He knows greater than us how badly our hearts ache to reach God’s Kingdom.

Hannah Hurnard gives an allegorical account in her Hinds Feet on High Places (1955) about a crippled young girl running away from a family of wicked deceit, who follows the Shepherd with timid willingness and occasional gratitude.  While questioning the inability to perform the task ahead, she cries out to the Lord.  His reply: “‘ Oh, yes you do,’ he said cheerfully. ‘I know you better than you know yourself, Much-Afraid.  You want it very much indeed, and I promised you these hinds’ feet’… The Shepherd laughed too. ‘I love doing preposterous things,’ he replied. ‘Why, I don’t know anything more exhilarating and delightful than turning weakness into strength, and fear into faith, and that which has been marred into perfection”‘ (282, 284).

I know my priority for living: serving God.  Thankfully, I know at least a snip-it of HOW God has selected me to serve.  God has embraced me and permits me to promote His love with the brokenhearted. He allows my dreams to embrace His dreams first and foremost.  I recognize I do not do this perfectly, but with the understanding I have, I pray for faith on this path of almost understanding for you and I, both.


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