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January 16, 2013

Isn’t God funny?

On my way home from grocery shopping with my roommate–she just expressed her whole days events, unleashed.  In the midst of her speaking, I began to worship alongside others listening to “By your side” playing on the radio.  Once I started to giggle, she asked, “What are you laughing at…me?” and all I could think was, God you are good to me.

After dropping her off at home the Lord took me back to the place I met Peaches (Kristen) months ago.  Peaches is her street name–her being a pregnant homeless 20 year old living on the corner of Blake and 19th in Denver, CO.  However, her son was to be due in December, and doctors did not give her past November. As she had developed stage 4 cancer by that time.

I was only able to visit her twice–the second time I brought nectarines that she claimed as peaches, since after all she was named after her love of the fruit.

All in all, that night changed my life…

It has been 4 or 5 months since I last saw Kristen.  Although I do have her phone number she has not responded to calls or texts for 3 or so months. Yet, her voice message remains, her phone has not be disconnected.

Tonight. I recognize my place at an adoption agency, updating files of foster parents and children, being read into the court system and insecurities of foster parents when the paternal grandparents later decide to claim their child back. It is awful what people put their children through out of selfishness and insecurities.

But here I am with a heart to nurture married couples, so that they are able to exude in God’s unfailing love that pours over and fills the hearts and lives of their troubled children.  Here I am loving the unlovable, those I cannot name or even imagine a face for.

Yes God knows our names when we are in our mother’s womb, therefore, Kristen’s son may he be in God’s home or here on earth, he is known! God, the mightiest of all fathers has guardianship over his heart–and ours alike.

My prayer tonight began a willingness to provide a hopeful stable home for her son, but as communication with God progressed I became saddened by the thought of leaving her children in separate homes.  I would be no greater for taking in one child than I would be leaving them all in incapable hands.

But then, God chimes in.

A foster home alike earth is a temporary home. Only God’s invitation is everlasting.

As I was led away from my habitual drive home, I looked to my left and was struck by the silhouettes of two men under a white steeple.  We walk hand-in-hand when entering the Kingdom of God.

That is an everlasting Home, and genuine Family’s welcoming.


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