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20 June 2012

“What did you do today?” my brother and his friends asked me as they enjoyed their time in the hot tub.  Although my brother Danny thought my day’s itinerary sounded like a bore, it was of the greatest caliber I could have hoped for.  See, I spent my day in reflection…finally.

It all started with a meeting about re-hire at Legoland, California.  I was dressed for a professional interview and all they cared for was my signature and drug test.  Is it prideful for me to think, know, and represent a girl with so much more potential even when I am working at a high-school, minimum-wage job?

After being reunited with the workforce, I chose to head towards the beach to complete my studies for Art History class.  However, I never made it that far.

On my way out the door, my father told me about the BevMo 5¢ sale.  I do not condone underage drinking in the sense of High School partying and college screwing around, however, my palate has been trained to enjoy a crisp, white wine with sea food or a smokey, red wine with red sauce pasta dishes, or any other Italian, French, or flavorful meal.  In the same way, I enjoy a Cider or wheat beer with Scottish, Irish, German, and Austrian delicacies.  It is how the people of those nationalities enjoy a meal, so why would I deny myself the full cultural experience?  For food is an avenue to great communication and joyous fellowship in these regions–far more than any American ideals.

Point is, as I started my engine, my mother ran out the front door: “Wait, how could you forget? You can’t buy alcohol…you are not 21!”

I have never nor do I ever plan on purchasing hard liquor, but really America? Really?  I have just been denied a recipe, the ability to enjoy a complete, enriched experience at the dinning table.  The law has just prohibited me to delight in a meal that connects me to what I have become while abroad.

So what do I do?

I walk into Whole Foods and instead of looking for my vegetarian ingredients, I first find the wine selection.  And lo and behold: Italy!  However, then I ran into the problem of cost.  Chianti Classico was a €3-7 bottle of wine; however, Whole Foods was selling it for $47.99 I believe.  For all of the bottles of Chianti Classico that I would buy in the next decade, I would save money and energy by taking a 10-year leave and living in Tuscany again.

I know that European taxes are higher than taxes in America, but when I walk up to the cash register at The Dollar Tree, I really expect four items to cost $4.00, not $4.31.  Or at Anthropology, my bill raised by a near $14.  OUTRAGEOUS! That would have been another item if I were in Europe.  I best not attend to a nice restaurant on my own either, since tipping is now a foreign concept–literally.

Since wine and food has not been the most welcoming of things during my time back in California, I was amazed by the friendliness of European-like clothes and roundabouts, and how they each aided the gaps in my heart.

And still, here I am, staring at the mounds of gifts, clothes, accessories, and home decorations that accumulated during my year abroad…staring, just staring. I can’t seem to use my hands to lift one pile and find a home for these amazing items.  Perhaps if they find a home here, that means so shall I..and I am not ready to say, “This is my home;” for this is nothing but temporary.


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